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Minocqua Area and Northern Wisconsin

Welcome to the Minocqua Area - Nature's Original Water Park. We call it that because it's located in the middle of Northern Wisconsin's Lake Country. Here there are thousands of lakes, rivers and streams that literally saturate the geography. And vacationers have long been visiting the Minocqua Area to enjoy all this water by boating, swimming, fishing, snowmobiling and more. There's no admission fees and we're open year round!

Fishing Reports


I love fishing. Its like a grumpy uncle that teaches you something the hard way all the time, but only if you pay attention to him. Early in the week the weather was really bad, high winds, cold and rain or misty rain persisted to torment us. They were not conditions that you would normally jump out of bed to go fishing in, right? Well the fishing was pretty darn good. Only problem was we had to break one of our cardinal rules of fishing the wind blown shorelines. It was just too cold for my clients and too hard to feel the light bite in the wind so I was continually tucking the boat away into a quiet cove or shoreline. But we did OK! We actually fished a few spots I had never fished before and caught fish. Every species hit the live well except for Musky almost every day.

But no two days were alike. One day we caught lots of walleye. I had my limit in 15 minutes while it took clients a little longer. Lots of bluegills, perch, LM and SM bass and others were biting but only one crappie. Not one fish was caught using plastics. Then the next day with different clients we hit the same spots with totally different results. Only 2 walleye, a few bass but a live well full of nice crappie. Almost all the fish were caught with plastics. Go figure. I love it. I guess the lesson is one of the other cardinal rules, stay flexible in how, where and what you fish with and for.

The weather this week is beautiful and is suppose to be right thru Labor Day. And I have a couple of days off. I hope to go out and do a little exploring myself on a couple of new lakes and hit some spots on some old favorites. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll have fun for sure.
Jeff Bolander, also known as 'How' of Dewey, Catchem and How at
Dewey Catch'em and How Fishing Guides and Bait Shop
PO Box 2089
Woodruff, WI 54568-2089


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