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Minocqua Area and Northern Wisconsin

Welcome to the Minocqua Area - Nature's Original Water Park. We call it that because it's located in the middle of Northern Wisconsin's Lake Country. Here there are thousands of lakes, rivers and streams that literally saturate the geography. And vacationers have long been visiting the Minocqua Area to enjoy all this water by boating, swimming, fishing, snowmobiling and more. There's no admission fees and we're open year round!



Snow Report from Travel Wisconsin



Trail Reports


 The Cross Country Cruisers

I hate to sound like a broken record, but what we had last weekend is pretty much what we are going to have this weekend. The trail from Lake Minocqua  to 47 trail is fair. The 47 trail is good to very good. The 70 trail is fair to good. All the trails north of HWY 70 are good to very good. Expect some icy corners and some snurt near town.

Remember to use caution on Vandercook Rd, and obey the posted speed  limit, watch for logging trucks.

There is still a few weeks of good riding here in Cruiser country, so get out and ride.

Remember to Ride Right, and to Ride safe. Have a great weekend!! 


CCC Trail Boss`s

Vilas Co Steve Wolfe

Oneida Co John (Ringo) Hereen




Minocqua Forest Riders Snowmobile Report


Updated 2/26/15


Weather conditions this past week have not changed much, which means the trails continue to vary from good, to in some stretches, excellent condition


Special Remarks:

  • The logging activity on the far west end of Corridor Trail 10 is still of concern.  Watch out for icy spots.  Also, a logging operation has begun on the north end of Club Trail 7.  Ride with caution!
  • Club Trails 5 and 5A have a very thin base.  Beware of snow being washed out of the inside of some corners that wind through the wooded areas.
  • Corridor Trail 12W (INT676 to INT662) still has numerous icy patches, mainly in the corners, that could cause you to lose control of your sled.  Ride with extreme caution!
  • Trail 5B in the southwest section of our system remains closed.

Grooming Schedule:


Thursday: Corridor Trail 12W (INT676 to INT662); Club Trails 5 (INT658 to INT652) & W

Thursday: Corridor Trail 10E (INT611 to Sutton Rd); Club Trails 9 & J

Friday: Corridor Trail 10W (INT611 to INT621); Club Trails 5 & 5A

Monday Morning: Corridor Trail 12E (INT676 to INT865);  Club Trail 7

Tuesday:    All other Club Trails


Be aware that this schedule may change due to weather and snow conditions. 


Wednesday Club Rides:


Our club is making an effort to sponsor a group ride every week.  We start at The Black Bear Bar at10:00 AM and ride someplace for lunch.  Destinations are determined on a weekly basis and are published on our website and on our Facebook page.  The rides are open to everyone.  I hope to see you at next week’s ride.



Ski Trail Report

Reported by NHAL 02/25/2015


Madeline Trail – 2/24 -  All loops tracked. Good conditions

McNaughton Trail – 2/25– Skaters loop groomed.  Classic loops cut and tracked. Good conditions.

Escanaba Trail – 2/22 – All loops cut and tracked. Very good conditions.

Raven Trail – 2/24– All loops cut and tracked. Good conditions


Trails Coordinator

Northern Highland American Legion State Forest





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