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Minocqua Area and Northern Wisconsin

Welcome to the Minocqua Area - Nature's Original Water Park. We call it that because it's located in the middle of Northern Wisconsin's Lake Country. Here there are thousands of lakes, rivers and streams that literally saturate the geography. And vacationers have long been visiting the Minocqua Area to enjoy all this water by boating, swimming, fishing, snowmobiling and more. There's no admission fees and we're open year round!

Snowmobile Trail and Ski Trail Report







 Cross Country Cruisers Snowmobile Club Report

We received 4" to 5" of new snow out of the 6” to 10" that was forecasted, but every little bit helps. This will help us rebuild after last weekend’s melt down. All of our groomers were out last night manly panning to help build our base back up, and there are some light snows in the forecast for the upcoming days along with some colder temps.  Most of Cross Country Cruisers trails are in GOOD condition. Everything north of Hwy 70 in Vilas co is in good condition to some areas very good. The 47 trail in Oneida county is in good condition, the 70 trail in town is fair. The Bearskin is in good condition. You will find thin snow conditions in and around town but conditions do improve once you travel a mile or two out.  We will be grooming nightly through the weekend and with some more light snows I expect things to improve. All of our neighboring clubs are doing the same thing so I expect some pretty good riding conditions for the weekend. As always ride right ride safe!!


Minocqua Forest Riders Snowmobile Club

Trail Report February 4th, 2016

The four to six inches of snow that fell Tuesday Night and into Wednesday was a welcome sight after last weekend’s meltdown. Granted, it would have been nice to get the ten inches that was predicted, but something is better than nothing. With that being said, the new snow has provided Good to Excellent trail conditions for 85% of our trails!

Poor to Good Condition: The east section of Club Trail D (The Kobart Trail).
Fair Condition: Club Trail 5A.
Good Condition: Club Trail 5B.
Good to Very Good Condition: Corridor Trail 10E & 12E. Club Trails C, D (the west section), J, P & 9.
Very Good to Excellent Condition: Corridor Trails 10W & 12W and Club Trails 7 & 11.
Special Notes:
The Kobart Trail: The east and west ends of the trail are being groomed once a week. The middle section that has low lying areas, in-between steep hills, is not being groomed at this time and is in poor condition. Watch out for possible open water in the low lying area.

Corridor Trail 12W: Slow down, stay to the right of the road construction barrels and ride with caution between TIN-676 & TIN-658. This section of trail is shared with motor vehicle traffic.

Lakes: Watch out for ruts and sometimes jagged ice conditions under the snow cover. There are also some slushy areas in spots. Slow Down


 Cross Country Ski Trails- NHAL


Escanaba Trail – 2/11/16 – Leveled drifting areas. Cut and tracked all loops.  Very good conditions.

Madeline Trail – 2/9/16 – All loops tracked. Very good conditions.

McNaughton Trail – 2/10/16 – Skaters loop leveled and groomed. All other loops leveled, cut and tracked. Good conditions.

Raven Trail  - 2/12/16 – All loops tracked. Eliminated most of the leaf debris collecting in the tracks. Good conditions.


Tony Martinez

Trails Coordinator

Northern Highland American Legion State Forest


Fishing Report


This cold weather we are in the midst of right now is just the ticket to safer ice. You can hear the ice pounding on the lakes as it thickens and settles into place. Most areas are pretty safe now and more and more 4 wheelers and snowmobiles are being used to pull the stuff around. My guess is it won't be long before the lakes are marked with barrels for the snowmobile trails. We might even see a few trucks out on the ice soon although you won't see mine!

Good reports are coming into the shop now about almost all the species, but not from everyone. This tells me that some lakes, and fishermen, are more productive than others right now, which is normal. The window of the bite is still small and varies throughout the day. Which means you need to put your time in on the ice or get lucky enough to be there at the right time.

As opposed to what I read from other reports there is no one or two baits that are working better than others. We have over 50,000 jigs in stock at the shop because all of them at one time or another will work best. Live minnows, bugs, plastics and other lures all have there place at the table of fishing success right now. The only difference is presentation. And that presentation can change from day to day or hour to hour. For example, when jigging for gills sometimes a steady back and forth is what turns them on while at other times if you are not jigging that bait constantly you won't pull anything thru the hole. One day red spikes will work while another day white spikes will be king and then the next day a pink and white plastic will be the ticket. Stay flexible. It's the HEE HAW conundrum. If it ain't working then don't do that!

Looks like the weekend is setting up well for weather. Save for Sunday which is suppose to have a high below 0 the rest of the days before and after should be quite comfortable out there. So what are you waiting for?!?

Jeff Bolander, also known as 'How' of Dewey, Catchem and How at www.DeweyCatchemAndHow.com
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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